Israelology – The Birthright, House of Israel, Kingdom and Sons of God

Israelology by Paul AndreeISRAEL -

  • Biblically, a name given to Jacob after he wrestled all night with an angel.
  • The name of the Kingdom under King David encompassing all twelve tribes headed by Jacob’s sons.
  • The Name of the Northern 10 tribes after the Kingdom was split.  The Southern tribes were called the House of Judah.
  • Today, it’s the name of a country in the Middle East

OLOGY – The study of something.

Hence, ISRAELOLOGY is the study of Israel including its history, Biblical importance and relationship to Christianity today.

Because the same name has been used so many ways, it is important to understand each of them so that you can know who a particular Bible passage is referring to.

Paul Andree has taken a complex subject and broken it up into manageable bite-size pieces.  He then unifies them so that the reader can readily understand what he is presenting.  He printed it in a large “workbook” style with room for notes and recommended buying it with a spiral bound cover so that the pages could be folded back on themselves without hurting the book.  At 314 pages, it is a bargain because it contains so much interesting information that is rarely taught in most churches.  Even so, Paul considered it an introductory book and included references so that his readers could easily follow-up on what intrigued them.

  • If you are interested in reading a book that will drastically enlarge your understanding about your “Israel Roots”,
  • If you want to understand why Jesus has to come a second time, (Hint, it has to do with Jacob’s blessings on his sons.)
  • If you want to know why Israel became “LOST” while Judah got to return to their land, even though God said their sin was worse than Israel’s,
  • If you want to know why the prophets prophesied differently over Israel and Judah in the End Times,  (Most people don’t know that they aren’t the same people.)
  • I highly recommend this book.  It will help you to understand God’s Plan for Israel and how that affects you today!

There is so much confusion about this important topic.  The Bible is very clear about who Israel is, but since there are different entities referred to as “Israel”, it is a little more difficult to discern who is being talked about when.  If you have wondered why some of the end time passages seem to contradict themselves, this book can help. You can download an e-book of it for $5.00 but it is so captivating that most people want a paper copy that they can write in.

God Bless You,

Glenna Andree Jones
(Paul’s wife of 35 years)


  1. Frank says:

    Israel is not a country.
    It’s an occupying regime.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Dennis.

    @ Frank, I can see why you might think that, but as U can read above, Israel is many things and you have to understand which Israel someone is referring to when they make a comment about it. Many Jews in Israel today take issue with the Zionist agenda, so this is a topic that definitely needs clarification.

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